Peer to Peer Networking

Peer to Peer Networking
• Designed for ten or less workstations
• Only moderate network security
– Users manage their own account information.
• No centralized storage of information
• No centralized administration control
– Lack of management for users and critical files
– Inability to centrally back up important files
• Slower response times when sharing resources
• Examples:
– Windows for Workgroups
– Windows 9x, 2K, XP
– LANtastic
– AppleTalk
• Advantages: cheap to create and operate than a client-server network, users control their own resources, no dedicated server is required, no additional software is required, beyond a suitable operation system.
• Disadvantages: no central management, each user must manage shared resources on their machine. If a workstation is unavailable, those resources are not available. If there are more than ten users or if the network will grow to more than ten users in the next year, a peer-to-peer network is not a good choice.