How to Write a Blog?

How to Write a Blog?
1. You must take a writing course from community college. You know a poor writer can make interesting topic boring.
2. when you want to write on any topic or article first you research on it from the source of magazine, books and internet after that you write a article on your own words.
3. I always try to more and more research on topic. And add original content & story with additional information.
4. First time when you write any article you must write in draft mode and read carefully after writing and post it.
I recently start Google bloging. This the way you can help the peoples in any professional field. I am related to computer network hardware & internet field. I have many ideas in my mind. I have many computer related problems in my practical field.
Bloging is the best way to polish your practical field. You can write your practical experiences on bloging. This way increase blog or website traffic.