Word No1 Bad Help Line PTCL

Friends how are you. i want to share something with you. The Word Bad Service of Help Lin
and DSL Service of PTCL. i am sick of this service. Every time when i dial 1218 for the complaint
of DSL Service i need to wait more than 30 to 40 min. I dont know what should i dot for this

Any one have any idea what i do. when we dial helpline we need to listen advertisement 30 to 40 min of PTCL.

i just upgrade my dls service from 2mb to 4mb. i the billing section ptcl change my billing
form 2mb to 4mb but, they did not upgarde my dls package the dsl speed still 2mb.
this is not happend with me first time.
last time i downgrade my service frm 4mb to 2mb after 1month they take to downgrade my service.

THIS IS BADEST (GANDI TAREEN) Service of our Pakistan number one Company situation.

any one have any comment please write

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