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Tune your content

Search engine optimization begins with your site content. The reason content is so important is that search engines attempt to be honest information brokers – that is, they try to direct people to pages that actually deliver the content being sought. Therefore, the most important SEO technique is to provide real, substantive information on your services, programs and issues or topics. The trick is to do it with the phraseology people will expect and use when searching for the information. Here's how:

1. Identify your key topics. Put together a list of the important services, programs, issues, and other topics that you want the world to come to your site to learn about. Get into detail. For example, if you conduct research on several subjects and could say something of substance on each, list the research subjects separately, rather than lumping them together under the general rubric, "research."

2. Find the best keywords, or search terms, for each topic. Brainstorm a list of phrases (two to four words long) that you think your audience will most often use when searching for information on each of your topics. Make them specific. (It's hard to come out on top in search results for broad search terms because there's so much competition.) For example, if one of your research topics is the impact of climate change on the skiing industry in Vermont, try "global warming skiing Vermont" rather than just "global warming impacts." If you offer free after-school arts classes in the Bronx, make sure you include "Bronx" in your search terms.

3. Identify subtopic keywords that describe specific aspects of your topic. For example, for the topic, "reduce reuse recycle," a subtopic might be "curbside pick-up."
4. Write at least one webpage for each topic. In each case, take the best keyword phrase you came up with and use it for the page title. You'll have to turn it into English, of course. For example, you might turn "global warming skiing Vermont" into "Global Warming's Impact on the Vermont Ski Industry" or "Global Warming Projected to Hurt Skiing in Vermont." Put variations on the same keyword phrase in your first sentence or paragraph, and use them several more times on the page, ideally towards the top. Elsewhere on the page, use the other keyword phrases and subtopic keywords. But don't just throw these terms around without saying anything real. Instead, try to write something of substance that will be of value to your audience. Throughout, use the most specific and concrete terms associated with your topic that you can.

Master & Slave DNS Server Setup in Linux

Master & Slave DNS Server Setup in Linux

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How to Install SNMP Services on Windows

How to Install SNMP Services on Windows

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DTMF Origins - The Fortuitous Mistake


DTMF was designed to provide address signaling to CO in PSTN at start of call
Speed user address input (rotary dial was slow)
DTMF originally turned off during conversation part of call
Left on during call because of tip-ring polarity administration issues

DTMF Origins

Created simple, universal user input mechanism for all devices on the PSTN network
end-to-end signaling
standard across all PSTN terminal devices
uPSTN service and application vendors discovered DTMF availability during call in late 70s & began using DTMF for application control

DTMF Usage Today

Virtually all PSTN terminals today have a standard 12-key keypad as a minimum
DTMF for Address signaling is ubiquitous
Universal User Input mechanism - DTMF has become the standard user input mechanism for all types of PSTN voice terminals to interact with services and applications

Sample Experience Letter for JOB

09Th Feb, 2009
Ref: FC/F&B/0708203

Tow Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Liaqat Ali S/O Mr. Shan Ali Worked as a
Restaurant Manager (Front Department), from 23rd June, 2008 to 09Th Feb, 2009.

Mr. Liaqat Ali is a responsible, hardworking and honest person. The Management was highly please and satisfied with his performance. Since he has been employed by us, Mr Liaqat Ali has shown a excellent attitude to his work, has been a popular member of our team, and contributed our success.

He has proved a good trainer and mentor for his staff. Due to his skills, commitment and continued hard work, we wish him success in his ambitions.

Mr. Sheikh Ehsan Fazal
Managing Director

Data Storage and Management

Data Storage
Databases or in data warehouse and data marts
Data Management difficulties
Data volume exponentially increases with time
Many methods and devices used to collect data
Raw data stored many places and ways
only small portions of data are relevant for specific situations
More and more external data
Different legal requirements relating to data
Difficulty selecting data management tools
Data security, quality, and integrity are essential

Sub-Programming and File Handling

Sub-Programming and File Handling

1) What is a sub program or module?

2) How many types of sub-programming in BASIC. Name them

3) What is Standard of Built In Sub-programming?

4) What is User’s Defined Sub-programming?

5) What are numeric functions?

6) What are string functions?

7) What is a sub-routine?


9) What is a character?

10) What is data field?

11) What is record?

12) What is program file?

13) What is data file?

14) What is Random Access Method?

15) What is Sequential Access Method?


17) Name modes of OPEN statement

18) What is OUTPUT MODE?

19) What is INPUT MODE?

20) What is APPEND mode

21) What is BUFFER?

22) What is WRITE# statement?

23) Differentiate between WRITE and PRINT statement

24) How will you close a file?

25) What are Random Files?