AWAMI MAHAZ Kashmir day on Wagha Border

The AWAMI MAHAZ organized a rally on Kashmir day 5th Feb 2010, to Show solidarity with Kashmiris and in support of Pak Army’s ongoing operations Rah-e-Nijaat, Rah-e-Rasst. A very large number of people from different walks of life, including, Families, traders, farmers, doctors, students (Boys & Girls), representatives of trade unions and others participated in the rally which proceed from Batapur to Wagha Border. The rally also witnessed the flag-lowering ceremony at the Wagha Border. The jubilant and enthusiastic crowd was carrying more the 1000 national flags and pro Kashmir / Army placards and thousands of Green and White Balloons were also released in the air carrying slogans in favour of Kashmiri people and Pakistan Army.

In this regard almost all TV channels covered this event. News papers have also done the some. Press clippings / photographs are added for your kind perusal please.

Friends, I will ask for your support in this regard.

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