Obama and Cameron Killer of libyan Peoples

Amerian always against Muslim Countries, and British History every one know what they do
in Asian Countries. America is Doing same as he done in Iraq. America Only wants to control
on Oil Fields. Every one Know the Energy Crisis in world wide.
If Co. Qadafi kill our peoples then what is doing Obama and there allies doing in Libya. They also
killing many innocent people in Libya.
America Obama cant see what Israel is doing in Palestine *Falasteen* Israel is big terrorist killing innocent peoples in Palestine.

American and there allies cant see what going in Kashmir what is doing Indian Forces doing in Kashmir many innocent peoples where killed Kashmir. America do attack only on those countries. the Countries produce the Oil. Every one know the Libya producing oil 10% that's why American and there allies want to capture the Libya.

I request you to all Muslims in this time all Muslims and all Muslims Countries required Unity. Unity can save all Muslims other wise there is no way.
Every Muslim know the QURAN Says: Yahood o Nasara *non Mulsims* Cant be your Friend Ever.