(By Ron Lagerquist, co-author of God’s Banquet Table)
Listed in order of quality


White bread products
Crackers (common supermarket
Rice Cakes
Fashion Breakfast Cereals
White pasta
Instant rice
White rice
Potato chips
Hard candy
Jell-O cups and pudding cups

Pumpernickel, chewy breads
Whole rye, yeast free bread.
Stone ground, whole grain bread
Ryvita, High Fiber, whole rye
Any stone ground, whole grain crisp
Fruit salad dressed with coconut milk
or yogurt.
Oatmeal (old fashioned).
Hot or cold whole grain cereals like
Red River.
Quinoa pasta
Amaranth pasta
Whole grain pasta
Basmati, whole grain rice
Short grain brown rice
Brown rice
Apple sauce
Popcorn lightly sprayed with olive oil
Natural granola bars (read the
ingredients carefully)

Nutrition in disguise Health Tips

Nutrition in disguise

Most children will eat vegetables if they are a part of homemade soup. Pass cooked vegetables in a food processor and add to hamburger patties, meatballs or meatloaf. Finely grate zucchini or carrots and add to pancake batter. Add finely chopped cooked vegetables to canned or packaged soup.

Add freshly juiced carrot juice to canned vegetable or tomato juice.
Add grated zucchini to square or muffin mixes.
Puree vegetables and add to chili or spaghetti sauce.
Add grated carrots to tuna or chicken salad.
Hide veggies in casseroles and main dishes.
Mix fat-free sour cream into a favorite salad dressing.
Serve raw vegetables with a favorite dip.
Mix regular peanut butter with freshly ground peanuts.
Use whole grain bread for grilled cheese sandwiches ~ the toasting will hide the color of the bread.
Go from white bread to 60% whole wheat for one month, then introduce whole-grain bread. You can make a sandwich using one slice of the 60% bread and one slice of the whole-grain bread. Serve with the lighter bread slice facing up.
Most children will eat a meal that they helped to prepare.
Let them make cookies with you.
Use whole wheat and carob chips and they won’t know the difference, especially if they are
the ones making the cookies.
There aren’t too many children who will not eat their own baking.
You can create a desire to eat healthier treats by designating a new healthy treat as, mommy’s
treat. You can say something like, “these are mommy’s very special yummy cookies, and you
can’t have any, okay?” You can even place the cookies in a fancy cookie jar to increase the
appeal. Let a couple days go by before ‘reluctantly giving in’ to their requests.
Sneak some whole-grain cookies into a bag of favorite mixed cookies, and eventually
replace unhealthy cookies with healthier cookies.
Use cookie cutters to make fun sandwiches with whole-grain bread.
Mix whole-grain noodles into regular spaghetti or macaroni and cheese dishes.
Mix soaked soya bits in the ground beef.
Slowly increase the soya/ground beef ratio in meals over time and they won’t notice that they are eating soy bits instead of ground beef.

Wht is Reality of Dr Aafia Siddiqui?

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