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Very interesting findings of
Dr. Tariq Al Swaidan
might grasp your attention:
Dr.Tarig Al Swaidan discovered some verses in the
Holy Qur'an
That mention one thing is equal to another,
i.e. men are equal to women.
Although this makes sense grammatically,
the astonishing fact is that the number of
times the word man appears in
the Holy Qur'an
is 24 and number of times the word
woman appears is also 24,
therefore not only is this phrase correct in
the grammatical sense but also true mathematically,
i.e. 24 = 24.
Upon further analysis of various verses,
he discovered that this is consistent throughout the whole
Holy Qur'an
where it says one thing is like another.
See below for astonishing result of
the words mentioned number of times in Arabic
Holy Qur'an
Dunia (one name for life) 115.
Aakhirat (one name for the life after this world) 115
Malaika (Angels) 88 . Shayteen (Shatan) 88
Life 145 ...... Death 145
Benefit 50 . Corrupt 50
People 50 .. Messengers 50
Eblees (king of devils) 11 . Seek refuge from Eblees 11
Museebah (calamity) 75 . Thanks ! 75
Spending (Sadaqah) 73 . Satisfaction 73
People who are mislead 17 .D Dead people 17
Muslimeen 41 .J Jihad 41
Gold 8 .E Easy life 8
Magic 60 .F Fitnah (dissuasion, misleading) ! 60
Zakat (Taxes Muslims pay to the poor) 32 ....
Barakah (Increasing or blessings of wealth) 32
Mind 49 .N Noor 49
Tongue 25 .S Sermon 25
Desite 8 .F Fear 8
Speaking publicly 18 .P Publicising 18
Hardship 114 .... Patience 114
Muhammed 4 .S Sharee'ah ( Muhammed's teachings) 4
Man 24. Woman 24
And amazingly enough have a look how many times
the following words appear:
Salat 5, Month 12 , Day 365,
Sea 32, Land 13
Sea + land = 32+ 13= 45
Sea = 32/45*100q.= 71.11111111%
Land = 13/45*100 = 28.88888889%
Sea + land 100.00%
Modern science has only recently proven that the water covers
71.111% of the
earth, while the land covers 28.889%.
Is this a coincidence? Question is that
Who taught Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) all this?
Reply automatically comes in mind that
taught him.
This as the
Holy Qur'an
also tells us this.
Aayah 87 of Suraa (Chapter) Al-Anbia ! < /P>
para 17:
During the next 60 seconds,
stop whatever you are doing,
and take this opportunity.
(Literally, it is only 1 minute).
All you have to do is
remember me in ur Prayers

Chacha wardi Landa Kyoun nhai???

Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin Ban ke mard wakhanda kiyon nahinApna qaul nibhanda kiyon nahinLay ke pension janda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Teri muddat ho gai pooriHun te janra hay majbooriRajia nahin tu khaa khaa chooriTorriyan tu hadan dastooriIzzat de naal janda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Nas ke tu washington jaavenBush noon jaa jaa masske laavenPairi dig dig tarle pavainMazlooman noon tarryian lavainZaliman naal takranda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Baatil ne shatranj vichchaiMuhra labh ke chaal chalaiMillat noon toon maat kamaiYaari dushman naal nibhaiJurman te sharmanda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Aya hain ki chan charrhawan Euorope kaa mahol banawan Dhiyan Bhenrran nikran pawan Sarrkan ute dorran lawan Dub ke tu mar janda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Apni qaum noon zarban laayian Koh chadhia hay wang kasaaian Hala shiri paan buraian Denda hay kashmir duhaaian Othe zaur wakhanda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Amreeka noon yaar bana ke Afghanan daa khoon baha ke saari millat noon zakhma ke kih labhia hay zulm kama ke Keeti te pachchtanda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Chor lutaire lut lut rajjan Qaum de daaku tere sajan Khulle dulle nasan bajhan Masjidan te chchape wajan Khasman noon tu khanda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin
Akhian khol ke tak bedardi Amreeka dee dehshat gardi Keerrian wangon ummat mardi Ghairat taaqat ton nahin dardi Ghairat noon apnaanda kiyon nahin
Chaacha Wardi Lahnda Kiyon Nahin

Say the Truth, which one is beautiful???

Pakistan Under US Attack

WANA: Suspected U.S. drones fired four missiles Wednesday in a northwestern Pakistani tribal area near the Afghan border killing 7 people while 3 others were injured, officials said. "Four missiles were fired by suspected U.S. drones in Baghar Cheena area in the restive South Waziristan on Wednesday evening," a senior security official told a foreign news agency. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has claimed that U.S. led coalition forces carried out drone strike on an ammunition storage facility of Taliban, in which one al-Qaeda member and 3 Taliban militants were killed. The U.S. authorities said they shared the news with Pakistani officials after conducting the strike. U.S. operated spy planes continued their flights in Wana and other territories. The missile strike came hours after U.S. military chief Admiral Michael Mullen reiterated Washington's respect for the sovereignty of Pakistan. Mullen, who flew to Islamabad on an unannounced trip late Tuesday, met General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani amid tensions over U.S. raids on tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. "There are a few militant training camps in the area and no civilian population around the site of strikes," another official added.

Is Pakistan the next target?

Is Pakistan the next target?
Mohammad Jamil

Top military commander Admiral Mike Mullen met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani and Chief of the Staff Ashfaq Pervez Kayani with a view to easing tension in the wake of rising air strikes and at least one ground assault at Angoor Adda. This was his second meeting with General Kayani in less than three weeks as the two had met aboard USS Abraham Lincoln in the Indian Ocean on August 26. Mullen had perhaps misunderstood the gesture of Pakistan’s reiteration of cooperation in war on terror. Anyhow, both civil and military leaders have categorically stated that Pakistan would not allow any operation within its territory. A day earlier, Pakistan Army spokesperson Major General Ather Abbas had said: “Pakistan’s security forces have been ordered to open fire on the US troops if they launch another raid across the Afghan border and that no incursion is to be tolerated.” Indo-US-Israel nexus continues with its pernicious propaganda and malicious intent and accuse the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of supporting Taliban and al Qaeda operatives. It is unfortunate that despite arresting and killing hundreds of militants the US is not satisfied with the performance of Pakistan’s security forces. The US and its allies do not realise that when more than 70,000 better equipped US and Nato forces together with equal number of Afghan army have failed to control the situation in Afghanistan how can they expect from Pakistan to eliminate terrorists or seal 2,400 km border between the two countries. The infecundity of the US forces, ISAF forces and the Afghan forces is evident from the fact that during the last seven years they have neither been able to rein in Taliban nor establish the writ of the state throughout Afghanistan. It appears that the US has some ulterior motives to destabilise and denuclearise Pakistan, as it cannot digest a Muslim nuclear state. In the past, air strikes by the US and Nato forces were few and far between but since the elected government is at the helm, frequency of air strikes has increased manifold and there was at least one ground assault this month. Pakistan has taken a very serious view of violations of its border and sovereignty and has launched protests but to no avail. For over one year, the US has been accusing Pakistan army of either not doing enough to rein in the Taliban and al Qaeda operatives. Though President Bush continued to support former President Pervez Musharraf yet other members of his administration, the US lawmakers and international media were involved in maligning him and demanding that ISI should be dissolved. On Tuesday, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher has said: “The Pakistani spy agency needs reform but there is no indication this is happening yet. But it has to be done,” The sinister designs of the US and its allies are quite obvious from such statements. They have also been raising alarms that Pakistan’s nuclear assets could land into the hands of terrorists. Pakistan has reiterated again and again that it possessed adequate retaliatory capacity to defend its nuclear strategic assets and sovereignty. Pakistan has many a time categorically said these assets are in safe hands and under strong multi-layered, institutionalised decision-making mechanism. Anyhow, the US is not willing to listen to any reason or logic, and the US government has been steadily working on conducting operations inside Pakistan’s territory. On March 2 2008, Senator Carl Levin, Democratic Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee had said that the panel would press the Defence and State departments to consider taking military action against alleged al Qaeda camps inside Pakistan.The problem is that the arrest of Osama bin Laden is one of the primary objectives of the President Bush and if he achieves this objective, his Republican Party stands a good chance to regain its plummeted popularity and win November elections. Anyhow, the negative propaganda campaign launched by some members of the Bush administration, President Hamid Karzai, and especially India accusing ISI of any minor to major mishaps has conveyed an impression that the ISI is the best secret agency in the world. In an article captioned ‘The central front’ carried in this week’s Time, Aryn Baker writes: “Though Pakistan has lost several thousand soldiers in the war against Islamic insurgency, many US lawmakers believe it is not doing enough. Western military leaders in Afghanistan have accused the ISI of actively supporting the terrorist groups that are behind attacks on foreign forces and civilian targets, such as a suicide blast at the Indian embassy in Kabul.” In hindsight, one could say with confidence that had Pakistan not become frontline state against Communism and especially after the Soviet forces had landed in Afghanistan, the US would not have been a superpower today to push Pakistan against the wall today. During the Cold War era the world was relatively peaceful, as it was divided into Western and Communist camps Either of the two superpowers – the US and USSR – protected the countries within their area of influence, as such the chances for adventurism were remote. After disintegration of the USSR, the only superpower came out with the new world order and wished to run the world according to its whim and fancy. After the defeat of Communism, the US was looking for another enemy to keep the West united, and it found in Islam, which was obvious from President Bush’s various statements after 9/11. The Western countries, their intellectuals and media continue demonising Islam for acts of terrorism by a small minority of fanatics, extremists and terrorists. As a matter of fact, the tirade started with Samuel P. Huntington’s article on inevitability of clash between civilisations. The “Clash of civilisations” was published in Foreign Affairs in the summer of 1993, which helped form series of attitudes opposing Islam. And given its intellectual and doctrinal nature, it had the greatest negative impact on the governments and the people of the western countries. He wrote: “The fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not primarily be ideological or economic. The most important conflicts of the future will occur along the cultural fault lines separating the civilisations from one another. European communities will share cultural features that distinguish them from Arab or Chinese communities.” There is no denying that the conflict of interests and values exists in the world but instead of projecting it as intractable efforts should be made to achieve inter-religion harmony by understanding each other’s point of view. Furthermore, there is need for a just world economic order to remove disparities and deprivations, which are responsible for hunger, disease and crimes in the developing countries – the underlying causes for terrorism and the conflicts. Samuel Huntington had drawn the ‘battle-lines’ but it has yet to be seen as to when Arab and Chinese would forge unity to implement pseudo-intellectual’s ‘academic laboratory theory’. But should there be conflagration, in the presence of a dozen declared and undeclared nuclear states with credible delivery system, nobody would be safe not even the superpower. And there would remain no concept of victor and the vanquished.

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Squid load balancing using Mikrotik Router OS

Squid load balancing using Mikrotik Router OS
By using this scenario You can redirect HTTP traffic to multi squid proxies and load balancing the squid usage.

Step. 1
Mark routing for http Packet.

/ip firewall mangle chain=prerouting protocol=tcp dst-port=80 action=mark-routing \ new-routing-mark=http passthrough=yes
Step. 2 Add a default route for HTTP traffic to all squid proxies and check them using ping.

/ ip route add dst-address= gateway=,, \ check-gateway=ping scope=255 target-scope=10 routing-mark=http comment="" \ disabled=noNote: Now Mikrotik will start routing the http requests to all three proxies in round-robin.
Step. 3 Configure all squid proxies to listen transparent and redirect http traffic on squid's port ( i.e transparent squid is running on 3128 port).

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 3128Now we configure ( squid.conf )all proxies to use cache Peering using ICP protocol.

icp_port 3130 cacher_peer sibling 3128 3130 cacher_peer sibling 3128 3130

icp_port 3130 cacher_peer sibling 3128 3130 cacher_peer sibling 3128 3130

icp_port 3130 cacher_peer sibling 3128 3130 cacher_peer sibling 3128 3130