How to Make Fast Internet Surfing?

Is Your Computer Internet Slow?

Follow The Six Steps, Slow Internet Browsing

In most cases slow computer problems and computer internet slow downs are related. There are several factors that can cause such issues and chances are good that there is not one single solution to fix the entire problem (usually).

he steps to follow will guide you in taking the steps that will have the largest positive affect on speeding up your PC.   

Before proceeding to the steps below, make sure that you are not on an antiquated internet service (like many dial up services) as computer internet slow downs will take place no matter how many other actions you take. Many issues can be solved by spending a few extra dollars and upgrading your Internet Service Provider. If your decision is to save money over speed, there is a good chance that you will be able to make your surfing speeds much faster. It may still be worth it to try the steps below as many will do more than just fix computer internet slow downs.

Step One: Download and Use a Free Scan Feature in Top Registry Repair Software

One of the top reasons for slow computer problems is due to a bloated Windows registry. The registry houses vital files and keys that support your Windows operating system (including user preferences). Each time you add or remove programs, the registry is impacted and can get weighed down. This causes response delays, slow operations, problems adding new software, and a handful of other issues.

The best registry cleaner products offer a free scan before having to purchase the full version for repair (if errors are found). It is a good idea to keep a solid registry cleaner on your system as part of your annual computer maintenance plan.

Of all of the products we reviewed (in detail) RegCure is the best in terms of repair and optimizer features for the money invested. See for complete details or to get a free scan to ensure errors are present before paying for the software. 

Step Two: Use an Effective Spyware Program to Detect and Remove Threats

There is a dual focus to take during this step. It is vital to keep spyware, malware, adware, and Trojan viruses off your computer to protect your files and keep your system operating efficiently. For this reason, it pays to keep quality software on your system all year long.


The negative side of the equation is that spyware products can eat up a ton of space on your PC and slow your computer down even more. What I do is install the program, fix any threats detected, and then remove the software so my computer is not impacted.

Try Xoftspyse if you want to resolve this step quickly. Go to for additional details.

Step Three: Reset Your Wireless and Broadband Modem (unplug for at least 30 seconds)

Step Four: Remove the History and Temporary Files off Your Browser by going to Settings > Internet Options.

Step Five: Utilize Free Resources in Windows to Free Hard Drive Space.

Go to Start > Accessories > System Tools > choose Disk Cleanup, and then Disk Defrag, then create a restore point in the same area. Do not complete the full restore.

Step Six: Eliminate Unused Programs from Your PC

Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > then select software to eliminate that will not be used any time soon.

Additional Hints to Rid of Computer Internet Slow Downs

·        Be sure your internet connections are solid. If utilizing a DSL type service, make sure that cabling is up to standard.

·        Many internet service providers offer a free connection speed test. Contact your provider about how to conduct this process. Do multiple tests and get a median score.

·        If you are not on partition speed internet, avoid times that many users are on the servers and see if that makes a difference.

·        Increase your plan through your internet service provider. In most areas, there are multiple services available if you cannot get a better product from your current provider.

·        If you have tried everything in this article and still are failing to get results, do a full system restore back to factory condition to start fresh. Only reinstall integral software that you actually use to avoid weighing down the system.

·        Be sure to add a firewall so that you are in control of the programs that can access the net (and the other way around).

·        If your actual computer hardware is outdated, there has never been a less expensive time to purchase some new equipment.

The prior steps should quickly clear the majority of the computer internet slow downs that you encounter.

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