PC Computer Interior home setup

Setting up your Personal Computer (PC) is easy. Just follow the steps given in this section and you will be on your way-


Before you set your computer, it is important that you decide on the right place to locate the computer. Whether you use your PC at home or In the office, you will need a comfortable, convenient place to use it.

When considering a location, make sure that it provides the following:

· A large area and sturdy surface, such as a desk of table, that can easy support the weight of your PC, including all Its components.

· A flat, hard surface. Do not set the PC on a soft surface like a bed or a carpeted floor. These surfaces attract static electricity which erases data on your diskettes and can damage the computer's circuitry. Soft surfaces also prevent the proper ventilation your PC needs.

· Good air circulation. Your PC needs air to circulate freely under ft as well as behind it. Leave several inches of space around the computer for proper ventilation.

· Moderate environmental conditions. Protect your computer. Avoid extremes in temperature and humidity; also avoid direct sunlight or any other type of heat. High humidity also hinders operation, so it is best to select a cool, dry area. Do not risk losing data stored on a diskette by exposing your Computer to dust and smoke, which can cause damage to diskettes and disk drives.

· Appropriate power sources. Static charges can be damaging. Connect all your equipment to three pin grounded outlets. You can plug the monitor into the auxiliary power outlet on the back panel of the computer but you still need one outlet for the main unit and one outlet for your printer.

· No electromagnetic interference. Choose a spot for your computer away from any electrical device that generates an electromagnetic field. Surprisingly, even your telephone can cause problems, especially if you keep diskettes right next to it.

When you find the ideal location for your computer, you can start to set up your system.