MS Word Drawing Toolbar and Drawing Tools Working


Using the tools on the Microsoft Excel toolbars, you can draw graphic objects on worksheets and macro sheets. You can also import graphics, as pictures, from other applications to enhance the appearance of your worksheets and macro sheets.
With the tools on the Drawing toolbar, you can draw lines, arcs, and transparent or filled ovals, rectangles, and polygons. Once you have added a graphic object, you can change its position, shape, or size; group it with other graphic objects; make copies of it; and format its color, border, or pattern.

To display the Patterns dialog box so you can change formatting, double-click an object. You can also select an object and choose Patterns from the Format menu.
To move a drawn object to another location on the worksheet or macro sheet, drag the object.
To resize a drawn object, select the object, point to one of the handles, and drag until it is the size you want.

Line tool
Draws a straight line.

Arrow Tool
Creates an arrow on an active worksheet or macro sheet, or adds an arrow on an active chart.

Freehand Tool
Draws freehand lines.

Rectangle Tool
Draws a rectangle or square.

Oval Tool
Draws an oval or circle.

Arc Tool
Draws an arc or circle segment.

Freehand Polygon Tool
Draws a shape that is a combination of freehand straight lines.

Filled Rectangle Tool
Draws a rectangle or square that is filled with the window background pattern and color.

Filled Oval Tool
Draws an oval or circle that is filled with the window background pattern and color.

Filled Arc Tool
Draws a circle segment that is one quarter of a full circle and is filled with the window background pattern and color.

Filled Freehand Polygon Tool
Draws a freehand polygon shape that is filled with the window background pattern and color.

Text Box Tool
Draws a text box where you can type text on a worksheet; lets you add unattached text to an active chart.

Selection Tool
Selects one or more graphic objects.

Reshape Tool
Allows you to change the shape of a polygon.

Group Tool
Creates a single group of graphic objects from multiple objects.

Ungroup Tool
Separates grouped objects into individual objects.

Bring to Front Tool
Places one or more selected objects in front of all other objects.

Send to Back Tool
Places one or more selected objects behind all other objects.

Color Tool
Changes the foreground color of a selected cell or object.

Drop Shadow Tool
Adds a shadowed rectangular object around a selected cell or cells.



Your users might not know that they can use Excel to analyze data from the various databases in your organization. They can use the powerful analytical tools of Excel on data they previously only viewed or edited within the database user interface. Using these features, they can pull data from your customer database, sales tracking database, product catalog, and HR systems into various sheets in a workbook and perform complex PivotTable analysis not possible using the separate applications.

This ability is provided by the use of Microsoft Query, an Office application that lives "behind" Excel. You can access Microsoft Query by clicking Data | Get External Data. You'll find three options: Run Web Query, Run Database Query, or Create New Query. The Query interface is very similar to the Design view of a query in Access. Point Query at a database, and it will allow you to build complex relational queries to get the data you need. Running the query will pull the data returned into your worksheet. Now you can build your pivot tables and perform your analysis.

Trojan Ports Block Trojan Ports to Protect System

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UDP 29891 Unexplained.100
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UDP 31320 LittleWitch.400, LittleWitch.420
UDP 31337 BackOrifice.120, OPC.200
UDP 31416 Lithium.100, Lithium.101
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UDP 49683 HolzPferd.210
UDP 60000 MiniBacklash.100