Types of Computer and Classification of Computer

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Types of Computer:-

Computer can process different types of data, so following are the basic types of computers with respect to the data, which they can process.

· Digital Computer
· Analog Computer
· Hybrid Computer

1. Digital Computer:-

Digital Computer works with digits, so this computer represent the data in term of discrete numbers and process data using the standard arithmetic operations. It is also used as counting devices, actually in these computers all the expressions and instructions are first converted into binary system and then these are manipulated at very high speed. The basic operation in digital computers is addition and other operation like subtraction, multiplication and division are implemented through the addition.

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2. Analog Computers:-

An analog computer measures continuos type of data, so it works by measuring voltage and current rather than the process of counting. Analog computers works by establishing an analog between two quantities. One of which is essentially continuous electric current. These machines have very low memory and the function built in these machines is very limited. These machines are very suitable for solving differential equations and in the field of engineering and medical. Speed of these computers is higher as compared to digital computers but the results produced by these machines are not very accurate as compared to those produced by digital computers.

3. Hybrid Computer:-

A computer designed to handle both analog and digital is called as hybrid computer. It is also known as Analog Digital Computer. Hybrid computers combine best features of analog and digital computer. Infect, hybrid computer is manufactured by combining analog unit and CPU of a digital computer and they have direct input, output facility. The result can be obtained either as an analog signal that is in the form of graph or in the form of discrete digits using device called modem.


Modem is a device, which is used to convert analog signals into discrete digital or vice versa.

Classification of Computer:-

Computer are classified into following classes.

1. Main Frame Computer:

The computers of huge size are normally called as Main Frame Computers. They can process large amount of data at a very high speed. Their prices are normally in million of dollars . Highly trained persons are required for their operation, and these can run their own special programs.
Main frame computer is designed to allow multiple users. Their speed is with in the range of 1-10 million instructions per second. The main line printer, high-speed magnetic tapes and hard disks for input output processing. The external storage capacity of these computers is very high. Their applications are in the field of :
· Complex Engineering Design
· Scientific Research
· A large Scale Reservation System (PIA)

Examples of these systems are
· IBM 370/168
· DEC 1090
· CYBER 170
· ENC 610

2. Mini Frame Computer:
This is the scaled down version of Main Frame. These computer systems have speed of the order of 500-kilo instructions per second. The peripherals used in these systems are character printer, line printers, Laser printers, Magnetic Tapes, Magnetic Tapes, Hard Disks and Plotters. Major areas of application are:
· Engineering and Scientific Research
· Industry Control
· Database System

The number of users supported in these computer system is 1-150 and examples of these are:
· HP
· IBM Sys/3

3. Micro Computer / Personal Computer:

These computers are small in size. These are used for personal as well as professional purpose. These computer can do word and data processing. These computers have processing speed of the order of 100-kilo instruction per second. The storage capacity is within the range of 64 Kb to 128 Mb. The peripherals used in these system are keyboard, monitor, character and line printer, mouse printer.

Micro Computer are used in following applications systems:

· Accounting
· Entertainment
· Word Processing
· Computer Graphics

4. Super Computer:

These are designed to process complex scientific jobs. These are the largest fastest and most expensive system in the world. Fibre optics and superconductors are used in these computers. More than one operation could be handled at the same time. These are used in large organizations to do calculations at very large scale. These are of very good quality, Highly skilled persons are required for their operation.

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